Berean Club

The Berean Club

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Every second Sunday afternoon (at 1.00pm) between February and November

The Berean Club is led by Dr Richard Moore. The club commenced in 2002 as a study group in the Mt Lawley home of one of the members of Perth Baptist Church. Since then it has moved to the Church, where it currently meets at 1.00 pm every second Sunday from February to November. 

The Berean Club takes its present name from Acts 17.10–12. When Paul and his companions arrived in Beroea in the north-east of the Greek peninsula, he visited the Jewish synagogue in that town. While listening with interest to Paul’s message of good news about Christ, the Jews examined their (Old Testament) Scriptures daily to see whether those Scriptures supported Paul’s claims. In the same spirit, the Berean Club encourages a spirit of open inquiry around the Scriptures, as God’s message to us.

Over the years a variety of biblical books and topics have been studied, with opportunity from time to time for the members of the Berean Club to indicate their study preferences for the following year.

If an individual Christian or a congregation is to grow, it is essential for them to be biblically literate. The Berean Club aims to fulfil this function by a thoughtful and informed approach to the Bible and the Christian faith.

Each meeting is planned to occupy one hour (1 pm to 2 pm) with the study followed by prayer (normally in small groups).

Berean Club gathering