Our Purpose

We endeavor to

  • Worship God by encouraging members to acknowledge God in their daily lives and to provide a meaningful time for corporate worship and prayer.
  • Provide fellowship by hospitality and loving care.
  • Centre our lives in Christ by encouraging people to become more like Christ.
  • Serve God by using our talents and abilities to minister to all people.
  • Reach our community by presenting the Gospel in a relevant manner.

Our Vision

  • To be a part of the body of Christ where all members worship God in their daily lives. To provide a venue for corporate worship that is presented in a way that is relevant for the different groups in our community.
  • To be a church that provides fellowship for its members through hospitality and pastoral care and an understanding of personal needs.
  • To centre our lives in Christ by discipleship and mentoring, by participation in small groups and by providing sound Biblical teaching in a creative and uncompromising manner.
  • To be a church where every member has a role in ministry and is encouraged to develop and use their talents.
  • To be a church that reaches our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by connecting to the community in as many ways as possible. To develop meetings (services) that are meaningful to the different groups in our community.

Our Values

  • A style of service, which incorporates Bible Readings, a pastoral prayer and a variety of music.
  • The importance of being a loving and caring community.
  • Bible based preaching and teaching.
  • A respect for the church's history and those who have made a significant contribution.
  • The need to grow by bringing people to Christ.
  • A desire to see more young people in our church.
  • A belief in Baptist distinctives.
  • A belief in the need for regular corporate prayer.